Session Info


Prior to your session, you will have a phone consultation with me to discuss location choices, what to wear, and anything else you’d like to know about your session.

Your session can take place just about anywhere – the Colorado mountains, red rocks, downtown sites and parks provide beautiful backdrops to preserve your famlily's memories. The possibilities are endless!


I love photographing you in what you’re comfortable in. Bold and bright or muted and soft colors with a variety of patterns and textures are ideal for family photos. I encourage families NOT to all match, but your clothing should compliment one another.

If you’re unsure about your clothing choices, feel free to drop me an email or call me to chat about what you’ll be wearing. I’m more than happy to help you decide! When picking clothing, don’t forget about your feet. Your shoes will be in the pictures, so make sure you take care to pick something nice for them too. Bare feet often look great in photos, so don’t be surprised if i ask you to take off your shoes for a few shots!

Also for the ladies, please remember to wear a little make-up and or gloss on those lips. The boys also remember chapstick – it is very difficult to ‘touch-up’ dry lips in your photos or add color to faces. You will be glad you did!

Please check out my Pinterest board for suggestions on color schemes, textures and patterns.  


We will meet up at the location decided and we will have a relaxing and enjoyable time!  I will normally arrive early to the session to check out lighting and find our best spots.  Photo sessions can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and half, depending on the session chosen.

Your session will include a variety of posed and candid images.  I will give you some guidance when we are shooting, but I like things to be very laid back and calm. It’s important for you to relax and and be as comfortable as possible. Don’t stress about your kids or your hair, or everything being perfect. I have kids, and believe me when I say I know how hard it is to get them to cooperate. Don’t be surprised if I ask you to step away so that I can get the best candid shots of your kiddos. Kids don’t relax as well if Mom and Dad are in the picture trying to get them to ‘say cheese.’


One to two days after your session, I’ll post a sneak peek of your pictures on my blog. This is usually a shot or two that I really enjoyed and will help to tide you over until I put your gallery online.

As I edit every image individually processing time for your gallery takes two-three weeks. Once your gallery is done and uploaded, I will email you a password to your online proofing gallery. Directions to proof your gallery will be sent to you via email and may be accessed through my website. Before your gallery expires, you will need to select your portrait products you would like to order to avoid a $50 reposting fee.