I am a proud member photographer for the Magic Hour Foundation.  The MHF provides free photoshoots for families fighting cancer.

Magic Hour Foundation’s Mission

We are a national network of professional photographers who look to serve individuals and families fighting cancer. We do this by coordinating a photo session to celebrate the truly important things in life through photography. These charitable portrait sessions provide an opportunity for families to feel special and strong while they relax, smile and enjoy time with loved ones. Above all, we strive to express compassion and love as we support them, no matter the outcome of their battle.

It starts with a click

Magic Hour’s roots run all the way back to 2007. Photographers Alysa and Alan had received a call from a church member, Ted, who had been sick with an unknown ailment for over a year. His daughter was offering to sell her car so they could afford to pay for a family portrait session. Alysa and Alan told her to keep the car, and did the photo shoot for free. Ted passed away ten days later, and when they attended the memorial, they were surprised to see their images everywhere. That session changed their notion of the power of the camera.

They decided to start the Magic Hour Foundation, named specifically after the yellow light that highlights the morning and evening of everyday. By providing free photo shoots, they would be able to capture the beauty and triumph of more courageous people… and Ted’s light would go on glowing.


In 2015, Caitlin and Jeffrey were given the opportunity to continue to mission of Magic Hour Foundation as Alysa and Alan chose to pursue a new chapter in their lives.  Caitlin and Jeffrey have been a part of the photographic printing industry for 11 years and have provided products for Magic Hour.

As with most, cancer has touched their lives with the passing of their Uncle Randy from pancreatic cancer, his wife Joanie from stomach cancer and the diagnosis of another uncle of a rare form of stomach cancer.  With their experience and the success of their printing company, Magic Hour is an incredible opportunity to continue their love for preserving memories through prints, while at the same time helping families and individuals who are battling cancer.

Cherish today’s memories with a free photo session!

Photography is a gift that allows you to capture beautiful moments in time. Looking at a photograph allows you to relive happy memories in both times of grieving or celebration. This is why we believe it is so important to give those in the battle with cancer and their families these lasting memories.

At Magic Hour, we match professional photographers with those that have fought or are still fighting cancer. The photo sessions are 100% free, and include the digital files. Let’s make memories that last forever!

(Please go to the following link and inquire about booking your free session. Request me as your photographer if you are in the Denver, Colorado area)

(Due to the privacy of this foundation – no examples of sessions are shared here.)