Meet Our Sweet Family Friends!! {Denver Family Photographer}

We have some very dear friends here that we owe a debt of gratetude.They have been so good to our boys having them over for lunches, dinners, late nights and for dance get-to-gethers. It really has saved us some heartache to have some wonderful friends for our boys to lean on in an otherwise trecherous world of choices. Austin; (pictured in the white shirt) Dawson’s best friend leaves next month on a mission for our church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Mexico. It will be an adjustment for him to say the least.

I wanted to thank them in a way that would freeze time and always let them know how thankful we were to their family for their graciousness in taking our boys under their wings. Sooo….I took them downtown to the Denver Dairy Block to do a family photo session. It was pretty epic. So make sure to show them some LOVE. <3 LOVE YOUR SO MUCH JONES FAM!! 2019-07-14_0008.jpg