Halloween 2016 Session Minis {Highlands Ranch, Colorado Photographer)

Halloween Minis!!! Grab your little GoBLinS & MoNSterS and come to this quick mini session THIS SATURDAY, October 29th at the http://highlandsranch.org/2011/12/flyn-b-park/ in Highlands Ranch. Feel free to book a mini session for small children, teens, or you as an adult with your partner. These will be fun, fast and a delight to have in your memory book.

                            { You will have the images by Halloween so that you may post them on social media for family and friends.}

The fall leaves are still present and beautiful at this park and your littles and teens will <3 playing in the leaves.

******Please contact us quickly to reserve your spot. Happy Halloween!******



halloweenminis_template2_ohsnap copy2016-10-27_0006.jpg2016-10-27_0005.jpg2016-10-27_0002.jpg2016-10-27_0004.jpg2016-10-27_0003.jpg