Goofy Cornballs {Denver Teen Photographer}

This is my daughter (the one with the hat) and her best friend, Kali. They both have been in early morning Seminary Class together for the past four years and attended ThunderRidge High School together as well. As you can see from these images- their friendship runs deep! They love to go to concerts, hang out with their ‘hoomies’ every night, and have a great love for the ‘abnormal’. They are two peas in a pod!

Now they have graduated from high school and are headed to BYU Hawaii together next week. I can’t believe these girls are both 18 and heading off to college. The time really DOES go fast. You blink and they are grown so love on your babies. It is but a small moment.

I’m so glad I have these images to always remember they ‘edgy tomboys’ they were at this age. And as always – it doesn’t matter the area in Downtown Denver – it always proofs amazing for a photo session. The RiNo Art District in downtown Denver never dissapoints!